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The Most Pretentious Blogpost You've Ever Read

We are all tired.

I know I am. Aren't you?

As it happens, being tired (or more rather expending your energy on Non-Productive things) is a cultural norm. Here's the thing though...

Back in the day, humans used to spend their time hunting for their food. It was the hardest thing they had ever done, YET it was the most fulfilling. (Not just for their stomachs, mind you.)
Skip ahead a few years or so, and here we are. We don't necessarily need to go out and hunt for food anymore to survive, instead, we sit around and have food brought to us. In a matter of fact, it's kind of common knowledge that the human race has gotten kinda lazy.

With that said...

Our Team Has Gone Back To The Old Ways!

Not killing animals, no. But working our butts off every single minute of every hour of everyday hustling and crushing it to make things happen.
I like to call it an obsession. We're OBSESSED with real estate. We're always looking at the market and watching its ups and downs. Every number, every statistic, everything really. We're also trying to call people to ultimately help people get into that dream home they've always wanted.
Correction... The dream home that YOU'VE always wanted!

^^This is what we do for a living.^^

Do you understand? The Kris Bowen Real Estate team is here so that you can hire us to move you out of your current house and to move you into the new dream house you've always wanted. We're doing it for YOU, and we'll do it RIGHT. (Ehem. We've kinda been doing it right for the past 15 years.)

We think it's time to stop the normal REALTOR lingo.



We're here when no else will be.
We'll call you back when no one else will.
We'll always be THE VERY BEST, and if we're not then you have our permission to fire us.

Did you hear that? We're OK if you fire us.

You won't get to the firing part, though. We're pretty darn good at what we do.

Convinced, yet? Great!

Call Us Here: 801-999-8005
Email Us Here: [email protected]

STILL not convinced?

Here's the next blog post you can read to back up our position.

Still Looking for That Dream House?

Yeah. So are We.

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