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Welcome to Interior Trends

While working in the world of real estate, it doesn't take long to notice that there is a huge value in staging a home when selling it. According to NAEA (National Association of Expert Advisors), staging your home can help it sell for 7-11% more money. It makes your home seem more put together, and increases its overall appeal.

Then why not do it for the home you're living in?

For starters, more people know how to pin good looking rooms on Pinterest than actually decorating and finding the right accessories to create a well put together space.

Welcome to your new interior design resource! On this monthly blog, we will discuss and cover the new and rising trends of furniture and colors, plus we'll make sure to include our top tips and tricks of the trade.


Firstly, has anybody ever taught you the basics of something? The fundamental stuff that everybody hates? Interior design isn't anything different. Most people nowadays don't want to learn the fundamentals of anything, because, to be honest, it's boring! We all want to jump to that sugary stuff that fulfills our taste buds for a few minutes; but like all things good, you'll eventually need a real meal to help keep you from starving.

With that said...

Second, have you ever noticed what makes a good looking home... a good looking home? You can look at every room of the home and feel like it has personality.
That's because whoever designed it, had one concept in mind, and carried it all throughout the home. This rare and distinguished practice is called CONSISTENCY and is a disciplined skill most people, unfortunately, do not possess.

The condition of adhering together;  firmness of material substance;  firmness of constitution or character; persistency. 

This is a fundamental rule of doing anything that relates to design.

Thirdly, how do you put consistency into practice?
Well, you have to know what you're looking at - what you have to work with.
Since we're talking about interior design, you have an abundance of assets at your disposal. You can go to any home goods store, and find something that might fit your taste. However, you first need to define your taste! (CONSISTENCY)
If you're into Pinterest, I'd be surprised if you're not, go ahead and create an account, and search terms like: "interior design" or maybe just search "house", and you are definitely on the home stretch to finding something your taste buds will enjoy.

After that, search specific terms such as: "Scandinavian Design", "modern chic design", "minimalist", "industrial chic", etc. Here, you'll be able to rule out specific design techniques you don't like. Pick one, and go from there. 

This month's  Top Tip:
Do not pick more than 3 main colors to decorate with, and only pick one primary color if you choose. Let the rest be neutrals. (Black, white, gray, tan, navy blue, olive green, brown, etc.)

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