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Have You Heard Of The "Witch’s House of Beverly Hills?" 


Witch's House of Beverly Hills

Kris Bowen

A native of the Salt Lake Valley, I have worked as a licensed Real Estate professional in Utah since 2003...

A native of the Salt Lake Valley, I have worked as a licensed Real Estate professional in Utah since 2003...

Dec 19 3 minutes read

Would you ever want to live in a place known as the "Witch's House?" Well real estate agent Michael J. Libow did just that 1998 when he purchased the cottage and restored it back to life. "What began as a gradual renovation project 15 years ago turned into something else: Landmark #8 for the City of Beverly Hills" (, 2014). 

So what makes this property so interesting and bizarre?

1. The History

The "Witch's House" started construction during the 1920's and was made to be a set for some silent films such as Hansel and Gretel, as well being a studio office for Willat Studios. The intention of the home when built was for it to never be lived in, and yet at some point the house was moved to Beverly Hills. You read that right; the house was moved one from place to another.

Ward Lascelle, who was one of the producers working for Willat Studios, didn't want to see the home demolished, and moved it to Beverly Hills to become a functioning home. What is also interesting is that the home is called Spadena House by certain historians and websites. The reason why is this: "Ward Lascelle’s wife, Lillian, divorced Ward, kept the house, and then married the house boy/guest/man servant, whose last name was Spadena" (, 2014).

2. The Landscaping

In the 15 years that it took for Michael Libow to restore the home, he has made sure to keep the essence of what makes this place popular there. The landscaping in the front yard has twisted trees, a "rickety-looking" picket fence surrounding it, and a moat with a ceramic glass bottom! How medieval is that!? 

3. The Interior of the home

Have you ever seen movies like Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, or Harry Potter? Maybe even Willow? If you haven't then you will be an awe and maybe shock at the interior of the "Witch's House." Look at the following photos and see how amazing the rooms look and the attention to detail!

Below is a gallery of photos for you to check out more of this amazing home!

What do you think of this home? Is this a place you could reside? Owner Michael Libow says that "I can't imagine living anywhere else. My home is irreplaceable" (, 2014). 

For more info on the "Witch's House" read this article from

All modern day photos used were taken by Stephen Russo

Other photos were from


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